Marcia Silva

Welcome to, a website dedicated to the career and insights of attorney and former Superior Court Judge Marcia L. Silva. Marcia has spent several years within the legal system and has dedicated herself to honing the skills necessary to excel in her areas of expertise. She realizes that many citizens may not have a complete understanding of the legal system, which can make reaching out to an attorney for assistance a daunting experience. To this point, she hopes to utilize this site as a resource for individuals looking for more information on the legal field.


Marcia Silva graduated from Seton Hall University magna cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice in 1996. This foundational educational experience gave her knowledge that she would utilize as both an attorney and judge. Silva’s undergraduate studies had a profound influence on her decision to pursue law and, in 1999, she graduated cum laude with a Juris Doctorate degree from New York Law School. Marcia Silva consistently speaks to how her education from New York Law School gave her the tools necessary to grow as a legal professional through several phases of her career.


Silva was admitted to the bar in 1999, soon after her graduation from New York Law School. She worked for Windels Lane & Mittendorf and then served seven years as an Assistant Prosecutor in the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office. During this time, Marcia argued before the New Jersey Supreme Court and Appellate Division. Marcia then spent time as a solo practitioner in East Brunswick and the public defender for South River and South Plainfield. These experiences in East Brunswick, South River, and South Plainfield allowed Marcia Silva to hone her skills independently in an environment where she was the only lawyer on staff.

In 2014, Marcia Silva, J.S.C was appointed as a judge in the Superior Court, Chancery Division-Family Part in Middlesex County. She was on the bench from January 2014 until the end of her term in January of 2021. During her time in the Superior Court, Judge Silva handled a myriad of cases including dissolution, non-dissolution and adoption dockets, as well as juvenile delinquency and domestic violence matters. Judge Silva, as a function of her work, has ruled in several groundbreaking cases that would set the standard for future legal decisions. For example, Judge Silva ruled in Sacklow v. Betts that the best interest of the child standard should apply when a transgender minor is seeking a legal name change. This 2017 case was a case of first impression in New Jersey.

Marcia Silva believes that it is important for legal professionals to remain involved in their communities via activities and affiliations, as these connections allow them to collaborate, share ideas, and bring positive changes to the legal field. Marcia is currently a member of the New Jersey State, Hispanic, and Middlesex Country Bar Associates, as well as a founding member of the Aldona E. Appleton Inn of Court. Due to the nature of the cases that she has handled as both an attorney and judge, Marcia is a frequent State Bar Association panelist for child custody, support, and family law matters.

Attorney Expertise

Currently, Marcia works as an attorney and has several areas of expertise that give her the ability to successfully serve clients in a variety of legal situations. A few of her areas of expertise include:

Appeals and Motions

Silva recognizes that with family court rulings on issues such as child support, child custody, equitable distribution, and alimony, certain circumstances may change after-the-fact. In these situations, it may be possible to modify that order or facilitate an appeal in a higher court. Marcia Silva assists with these cases, helping clients reach the specific filing timelines laid out by the court and abide by the requirements to successfully undergo the process. Legal counsel is always highly recommended when appealing a family court order because the assistance can help a client work towards resolving the issue in a manner that is beneficial to them.


In instances where the parties involved do not want their information heard in a public courtroom setting, arbitration can be a solution for reaching a final judgement. Marcia notes that arbitration may be more efficient than a traditional litigation in these circumstances.


Mediation is a procedure where the parties can have a discussion on their disputes facilitated with the assistance of a trained and impartial third person to reach a settlement. Marcia Silva speaks to how mediation can be a valuable alternative to litigation because it can save both time and money during the process. In situations that Marcia deals with frequently such as divorce, mediation can assist clients with solving property and custody issues in a confidential manner. Marcia’s several years of experience as a Superior Court Family Court Judge give her the ability to guide clients through processes such as legal separation and divorce.

Future Topics

Marcia acknowledges that many individuals have shown an interest in learning more about the legal field in the current landscape. As with any constantly evolving space, however, it can occasionally be difficult for these people to find resources that help them develop a holistic understanding of law. In light of this, Marcia Silva will frequently update this website with posts covering topics relevant to those either pursuing a career in law, seeking representation, or broadening their understanding of legal principles. Future posts will address topics such as what qualities look for in an attorney for your case, recent legal developments, and what one can expect when pursuing a career in law.